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Photography/Retouch: Jasmine Ringo for The Makeup Collective

Instagram: @Jasmine.ringo

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Makeup Critique:

These really turned out great! The model was super great to work with and easy to shoot. Her makeup was a fun exploration into new techniques and ways to manipulate product.

As you can see in the before and after, some color grading and skin texture were the biggest edits for her. She might not have a great skin care routine so skin prep was the biggest control for her when doing her makeup.

Focus on continuing to work with a variety of skin prep products that will help get the skin where you need it for the client. All cameras are HD now and pick up on every detail.

Her lashes were a little all over, so I filled in some empty areas

Her eyebrows didn’t work well combed up with this look since the eye makeup is so organic. So I cut down some of the longer brow hairs and filled the brow in a little more which helped embrace the splatter texture better.

Overall these came out great and I hope you got a lot out of the experience!

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