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The Makeup Collective is a coven of artists joined together for the sole purpose of creating an artistic community that thrives on opportunity and collaboration. As a member, every artist has the right to give and receive feedback, showcase their skills and abilities and give back to their community.

Within the Collective, you have an opportunity to book work individually and collectively. You also have access to collaborative events, community outreach and private social events. If you are not currently local to Atlanta, you can still join and be a part of the community. We have some exciting opportunities for non local artist - so stay tuned! You will be listed as a Collaborator if not currently in Atlanta, GA.

Being a part of The Makeup Collective is designed to unite working artists, grow working artists and share working artists to the industry. We don’t want to grow individually, we want to grow collaboratively. Being a part of this coven is unique, exclusive and above all magical.


Your Access Includes:

  • Be a featured artist with the opportunity to book work within The Makeup Collective (serving the greater Atlanta area)

  • Exclusive access to The Makeup Collective Collaboration events

  • Private invite to TMC community outreach events

  • Discounts to online makeup education and products

  • Listing on The Airbrush Collective roster (if applicable)

Qualifications to join:

  • Professional working makeup artist

  • For booking - must be living in the greater Atlanta area

  • Dedicated web site hosting your portfolio - not social media app

  • Must have areas of expertise (beauty, special fx, media, etc.)

  • Union and non-union artists accepted


Free to apply, acceptance is limited.

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I view feedback as an opportunity to improve my skills
I take part in makeup related events in my community
I enjoy working as an assistant artist
I enjoy working as an even tiered artist amongst other artists
I enjoy leading a team of artists
Once we receive your application and review your work, we may reach out with further questions to approve your application. Once you are approve, be on the lookout for a special delivery to your physical mailbox.