FX Photoshoot


Collaborate at The Collective

Welcome to the next Collaborate event! In preparation for Halloween season and to keep on par with all the current practical makeup in film + tv, let’s do some FX work and round out our portfolios!

Gather some inspiration below, and pick a focus:

  • Minimal (beauty look with one fx focus like bald cap, veining, ear tips, etc)

  • Moderate (Vampire, Ghost, Fairy - the looks doesn’t have large prosthetics)

  • Extreme (the look features a large prosthetic, body painting and more)

How it works…

  • You book a model

  • You source your prosthetics or pieces needed

  • You arrive to TMC studio at your scheduled time and do your makeup

  • We shoot in the studio

You will receive up to 2 edited images to use in your portfolio.


Sep. 22nd + 23rd + 29th + 30th


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Please note some looks may take longer than others, so to schedule the best time slot, determine your makeup focus
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