Our space serves to give you the most exclusive, one on one, custom education. Every workshop is catered to your needs no matter if you’re continuing your education or beginning as an artist. No workshop is taught the same to each attendee and we take pride in giving you this type of luxury experience. Check out what we offer below and learn more. We create customized workshops as well, so if you don’t see what you need, feel free to reach out and find out about making an exclusive workshop for you.


Airbrush Beauty

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of airbrushing, from picking the right equipments and products, to techniques-troubleshooting-application-and more. The perfect workshop for bridal artists and those who want to perfect this stellar tool. This class is available to take as a combo with Advanced Airbrush.


Advanced Airbrush

We take it up a notch and add in some very amazing techniques that will allow you to tackle a much larger variety of airbrush work including body painting, special FX, cosplay, character work and more. This class is available to take as a combo with Beauty Airbrush.


Color Theory

The basis of makeup knowledge. This workshop offers a super unique and fun way to approach color for any skin tone. Perfect matching foundation, understanding undertones, access to never ending eyeshadow options and color picking shades that compliment any client.


HD beauty breakdown

This workshop has a hyper focus on working in the digital camera world. We cannot escape the high definition technology and this workshop will having you fully understanding how this technology plays into our makeup world and how to master it. An innovative way to see makeup applied through an HD camera onto an HD 4K screen. This workshop functions as a traveling workshop and available to more than one persons.

prosthetic application

Being a well rounded makeup artist doesn’t stop at lip gloss. Special FX makeup is extremely useful to round out the skills an artist has as well as bring in more job opportunities. The basis of beauty is all involved in this workshops, while we dive into understanding Special FX makeup in a robust form. Applying prosthetics has never been more exciting.


body painting

Whether you work conventions helping cosplayers breath life into their characters, creating gorgeous expressions on the pregnancy bump of a glowing awaiting mother, or help grab attention for businesses through body art advertisements - the opportunity for body painting is endless. Learn amazing skills on a body form you get to take home to continue practicing with.


the elevated artist

Uplift and enhance your skill set + build your portfolio with this exciting workshop. Created after cultivating artist gatherings to help build each artists individual portfolio, the event was a hit and The Elevated Artist was born! Amazing workshop for any and every artist working today.