We LOVE a good collaboration. As artists, it’s easy for us to get stir crazy when we are doing the same things or not doing enough of the art we want to create. Collaborations are the time for us to come together, learn and grow from each other and build not only our portfolios, but our skill set.

We plan to have annual and unique Collaborative events as often as we can. Some will be completely volunteer and some will have a small fee to join. This is due to the overhead it may create to book locations, hire vendors and product costs. We will be sure to make sure you know which event is which and hope you can join them all!

See below our most recent Collaborate at The Collective event:

Upcoming events:

FX Photoshoot

To build our brand we must be active in trends and popular skills. With all the practical work we are seeing in film and tv shows plus the upcoming Halloween season - let’s build our portfolios for some FX magic!

Holiday donation

While celebrating the holidays, we get together in our best ugly sweaters, gab over hors d’oervres and collect donations for that years charity location. In 2018 we donated to the juvenile center of Georgia. This year is yet to be selected, but stay tuned.

Date: TBA