Beauty Airbrush

The most fundamental workshop when you want to conquer your airbrush machine and provide a luxurious experience, not only quicker than traditional makeup, but without flaws, without frustrating technique and without touching the face.

What you will learn:

  • The machine - compressors of assortment and what one is best for you

  • The gun - how does it work, how to break it down and how to troubleshoot quickly

  • The product - review the top used makeup products - Silicone, Water and Alcohol based

  • In the Kit - everything you need to offer a luxurious service without the hiccups

  • Troubleshooting - the fastest, most effective ways to own your machine fully and bounce out of any problems you might have

  • The techniques - tried and true techniques that break you from bad habits to fully never touching the skin once you start

  • Clean up - if it was cumbersome to clean and pack up, it would slow you down. I'll speed you up!

  • Marketing and business - know the ins and outs of providing a luxurious and technology driven skill in today's makeup world. 


    One Day Workshop | 9:30-4pm lunch included. Model required.

*Machine and gun not included. Product fully included in conjunction with personal product. Ask about full airbrush kit, if needed. No machine required to take the workshop, machine available in class.